Our Story

Where Dreams and Art Converge at Dream On Gallery

Welcome to our extraordinary world of artistry at Dream On Gallery, where each brushstroke on canvas unveils a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Step into our world and embark on a journey where dreams are woven into every stroke, and imagination knows no bounds. At Dream On Gallery, we believe in the power of dreams to inspire and transform lives. Our collection invites you to dream in color, where life merges seamlessly with art.

Explore our gallery and discover the allure of unique oil paintings, ranging from captivating New York landscapes to mesmerizing abstracts and vibrant pop art creations. Immerse yourself in the exceptional, where no two paintings are alike, and every piece tells a story as distinct as the brush that brought it to life. We believe art like life, should be unique to every person’s individuality. What makes our paintings so special is the quality of the piece. As is often found in the marketplace, we do not sell digital oil painting prints on canvas. Every painting is created from start to finish with the artist’s brush meeting the canvas. This commitment to top quality is what makes Dream On Gallery the number one place to buy unique, handmade, all original oil and acrylic paintings. Experience the unparalleled beauty of art crafted with passion and precision as you begin to explore our online collections.

At Dream On Gallery, we are passionate about supporting a wide community of artists. We collaborate with some of the best oil painters in New York City, whose supreme talent and love for this city is captured in the magic of their works. Sourcing exceptionally talented up and coming artists from all over the world, is also what makes Dream On Gallery unique from other painting companies. Our inclusion of artists from diverse backgrounds, different geographies and cultures is what we believe, makes the magic of our oil paintings even more precious and unique.

Join us on this extraordinary journey where dreams and art converge, and let your imagination soar at Dream On Gallery!